A reputation
built on results

Higher class of real estate. Societa Group is an expert in management and investment in the premium segment. We know the market well, as a capital group we have been functioning there since the 1990s.


Today we offer you customers not only knowledge and contacts, but first of all we help you find the selected opportunities to invest in this ever-growind segment of the property market.

New breed, old habits

Societa is a brand behind which the knowledge of two generations of real estate brokers stands. We know, however, that age is not a guarantee of effectiveness and youth is not guarantee of innovation.


That is why our team of licensed brokers is working everyday on achieving the quality unknown so far, in the Polish real estate industry, offering customers confidence, certainty and investment security.

We redefine the concept of real estate

Already in 2015, the real estate market in Poland has been valuet at over 100 Billions of PLN. Its the fastest growing segment in luxury real estate. Not by accident. The average price for square meter of top segment in London is 8 times higher than in Warsaw, which makes our market widely observed for emerging opportunities today. However, this means that day after day it is becoming increasingly competitive. That's why we can not afford to be just "good".

The Societa Group is relatively young, but has many years of experience behind it derived from the know-how and capital of Real, the company exists since 1999.

Societa, continuing the tradition of the mother company, has the overriding goal to build long-term relationships in investment advising and wealth management. We work with market investors and individuals who want to invest capital in real estate.

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