In my experience, in the real-estate business past success stories are generally not applicable to new situations. We must continually reinvent ourselves, responding to changing times with innovative new business models.

Akira Mori

Money. It's simple.

None of us will develop a business, based solely on the idea. Therefore our co-operation with developers is based on a fundamental goal - work out more than a satisfactory profit from your investment, which will postpone for the benefit of all parties involved.

By creating a cooperation plan with the developer, we are most likely to start from the strict beginning: implementation of the Societa Group feasibility study project.


We analyze all the promising options and then choose one that will bring thelargest, but also the safest, profit. We have been going many times through this process, we know perfectly well which of its nuances carry risks, and when there is an opportunity for over-average success. Complexity is the benefit. Thanks to the care of all the elements in project (from the early phases of planning until fully sell out the investment) we constantly observe it - according to the plan - progress. From the very beginning knowing all the assumptions of the plan, we effectively control their implementation.

Societa Group is more than only asvisors, only salesmen, only marketers or only ... someone else. Societa Group is comprehensive thinking, which at every stage of the process strives to work out a fair, high and secure profit.

To ensure that the property is a successful sale, we care not only from the purely commercial side. Working with your project team, we advise you solutions that increase interest and margin investment. In other words, at the junction of usability and marketing we designate those adventages and benefits that most attract buyers, and in cost-revenue will most effectively increase the value of your investment. As result, already after realization on the branding, our traders and administrators fast, effective and with high profitability will bring it to the market.

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